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Source of Funds Codes

The funds received by the campus from different sources have restrictions as to the type of activities they can support. We must follow the same restrictions in the Activity Reporting System.

As part of the procedure required by the granting agencies, we must report the activities performed for each of these fund sources. We must be very careful that only permissible activities are reported for each type of fund.

The "Source of Funds" ranges used in the Activity Reporting System are:

Source of Funds Fund Ranges Description
State (S) 100000 - 199999 State General Revenue Appropriations, Tuition Income Fund
Institutional (I) 200000 - 299999 Institutional Costs Recovered (ICR) Unrestricted Gifts
Auxiliary (A) 300000 - 399999 Auxiliary and Self-Supporting Activities
Sponsored Programs (S) 400000 - 499999 U. S. Governmental Agencies Grants and Contracts
500000 - 509999 Other Governmental Agencies Grants and Contracts
510000 - 559999 Private Agencies Grants and Contracts
560000 - 599999 State of Illinois Grants and Contracts
Trust 620000 - 699999 Medical Service Plan, Dental Service Plan, Nursing Service Plan, Restricted Gifts
Courtesy Used for Courses Only Courtesy Instruction - Instructor Not Paid