Activity Reporting (ARS)

The UIC Activity Reporting system is a secure, online system designed to collect information on the activities of faculty and academic staff at UIC in order to meet the requirements for state and federal reporting. Academic staff includes administrators, academic professionals, research staff, and graduate assistants. The system also includes individuals who are appointed in visiting or adjunct academic positions.

Information from the Activity Reporting System is used to complete the Cost Study for the Illinois Board of Higher Education and to satisfy the provisions of federal reporting guidelines. Data from the activity reporting system are also used for several other purposes at UIC including course assignment analysis; instructional workload reports; space analysis reports; and hospital finance reports, among others.

Access to this system is limited. To get access to the Activity Reporting System, a user must have an authorization form on file with the OIR office that is signed by your unit head. Please contact

Each department or unit has at least one authorized person who is responsible for data entry in the ARS system. Instructions and Training

Please see our FAQ section to learn more about how the ARS system works.

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